Sharkmaid Adventures: The last guardian of the ocean

Written by Katrina Barton and illustrated by myself.


Sabine is the last sharkmaid alive. She lives with her two best friends: Jack, a fun-loving seahorse and Emily, a happy-go-lucky turtle. Sabine is just like you or me but instead of legs she has a shark’s tail, and instead of walking, she swims. Sabine can swim faster than any human; she can also swim faster than any shark. There used to be other sharkmaids in the oceans but Sabine does not know she has forgotten them…
A sea demon, known as The Kilk, has set up shark nets around the Mediterranean Sea to capture and kill sharks. Ruling this part of the underwater world with his army of sea spiders, sharks are depleting in numbers and the Mediterranean Sea has become dark and lifeless.
A chance encounter leads Sabine on a journey to discover her identity. Could she be the sea creature to stop The Kilk and save the sharks?

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