Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl – Author and Illustrator

Written and Illustrated by myself with Blue Falcon Publishing. Eleanor Hurl is a peculiar girl with an extraordinary imagination, which unfortunately has a nasty habit of getting her into trouble. Eleanor begins to wonder if being unique is a bad thing – until her she is given the opportunity to channel it towards something positive! Children will love this […]

A Pirate’s Song – Illustrator

£6.99 Written by Justin Davies and Illustrated by myself – Ahoy there me hearties! Are ye brave? Are ye strong?Can ye sing a Pirate’s Song?Will ye search for treasures old,jewels and trinkets, pearls and gold?Then climb aboard and join our crew!Quickly now, there’s work to do! This lively rhyming picture book will have children singing […]

Sharkmaid Adventures: The last guardian of the ocean

Written by Katrina Barton and illustrated by myself. Synopsis- Sabine is the last sharkmaid alive. She lives with her two best friends: Jack, a fun-loving seahorse and Emily, a happy-go-lucky turtle. Sabine is just like you or me but instead of legs she has a shark’s tail, and instead of walking, she swims. Sabine can swim […]