Dig! – Nicky Gilbody


A colourful and exciting story about a brave little mole, illustrated digitally by myself and wonderfully written by Nicky Guilbody.


Morty and the Monster


A story of a young boy who tracks and studies the existence of monsters, only there’s one who always manages to escape him, and he begins to wonder if it even exists!

written and illustrated by myself.

The Sharkmaid Adventures – Katrina Barton


Sabine is the last sharkmaid alive. She lives with her two best friends, Jack; a fun-loving seahorse and Emily, a wise and loyal sea turtle. Sabine is just like you or I, except instead of legs she has a reef shark’s sharp tail and instead of walking she swims!  Sabine used to be one of many Sharkmaids but she has forgotten them along with her past – as the last of her species, it us up to Sabine to save the ocean and bring back what was lost!

Author – Katrina Barton

Illustrator – Stephanie Jane

Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl


Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl – Author and illustrator

Eleanor Hurl is a peculiar girl with an extraordinary imagination, which unfortunately has a nasty habit of getting her into trouble! Eleanor begins to wonder if being unique is a bad thing – until her English teacher gives her an idea of how she could put her particular talents to good use.

Children will love this beautifully illustrated tale with a very important message – even the kookiest kid has something special to give!

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